Why modern marriages fail?

In today’s modern world, couples are having a hard time to stay together. But why is that? All marriages face challenges and also the nature of marriage has changed. Unfortunately, over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Even couples who stay married, report unhappiness in their relationship. Some studies blame it on the ease with […]

When a parent moves out after divorce in Utah

There are times when a parent may decide to move out of state after divorce. Even if the custody of your children was not divided evenly, the non-custodial parent can still claim his or her visitation rights. The custodial parent will make most child-related decisions. But what happens if your former spouse decided to move […]

Different Parenting Styles After Divorce: How to Cope

  Divorce is never easy, but parenting children post-divorce can be a nightmare. If you love your children, you try to make decisions that you believe are in your children’s best interest. But those decisions may not always coincide with those of the other parent. This is called different parenting styles after the divorce when […]

Are You Entitled To Spousal Support (Alimony) in Salt Lake City? Find Out

Getting divorced is one of the biggest challenges you can go through in life. Leaving the person you used to love – or still love – is never easy. Ending a marriage is not only a heartbreaking experience but also a daunting experience from the legal perspective. The divorcing process can even become a nerve-wracking […]

How your attorney can help with mediation

Some lawsuits can become bitter and hostile and the only way to get out of them is hiring a mediator or attorney. After months of litigation, you and your former spouse don’t seem to agree or reach a formal resolution of your divorce case. So what can you do? This is where mediation can help. […]

How A Deadbeat Parent Can Impact A Child For Life

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. You have to learn so much and cope with your children’s personalities. It is even more difficult if you are a single parent and your former spouse is a deadbeat parent. The easiest approach to dealing with this situation is walking away […]

Common law marriage in Utah

Common law marriages were not recognized in Utah prior to 1987 when a common law statute was passed allowing couples living together to establish their marriage. Many couples living together have questions regarding their legal rights when dividing property and other families law issues such as child custody, parenting time, alimony and child support. Salt […]

Common Challenges of a Military Divorce

Military service members and their families can experience a complex and often overwhelming divorce process mainly due to their military obligations. It takes someone experienced to handle these cases and ensure a successful outcome. Military divorce presents unique challenges you can successfully overcome with the help of a well-versed Salt Lake City military divorce attorney. […]