How to Handle the First Holiday Season After an Adoption

If you have recently adopted or are planning to adopt a child ahead of the holiday season, there are a few things you can do to handle your first holidays with a new addition to the family. If it’s been only a few months or weeks since the adoption, it’s vital to form a bond […]

Divorcing During The Holidays?

Here’s Your Survival Guide to Get Through This (And Not Go Nuts) At any time of year, divorce is not exactly the most fun thing to do. But when it happens during the holidays – the time of year when you need to feel warmth from your family and loved ones the most – this […]

Utah Man Accused of Domestic Violence On The Run

  A Utah man attempting to take child custody took his baby and fled in a vehicle. The 52-year-old was accused of domestic violence back in 1999 yet it seems these charges were dismissed. Unfortunately, the baby born back in November of this year has special needs and drug exposure. The baby was found 2 […]

Ways Divorce Mediation Can Help You

  A contentious divorce is not good for anyone. It can be costly and time consuming. This is why many couples hire A Salt Lake City mediation attorney to make sure the divorce process goes smoothly. Most divorce issues including child custody, child support, visitation, retirement and property division may require mediation. Although it is […]

Substance Abuse Can Lead To A Failed Child Custody Case

Divorcing couples going through a child custody case find the whole process stressful and emotionally challenging. It is common for divorce battles to become more intense when children are involved. Unfortunately, one party may turn to drugs and complicate things even further. This is not the right approach to divorce, even if you used to […]

It Is Never Too Late To Modify Your Divorce Decree

Some divorcing couples file for divorce too quickly and they forget to consider some important aspects. But it is possible to appeal your divorce decree with the help of a Salt Lake City post-divorce modifications attorney. Modifications of divorce decrees may require a long process but they can be very beneficial, especially if your original […]

Why choose uncontested divorce?

Ugly divorce battles are not always the answer. In most cases, seeking an amicable dissolution of marriage is much quicker and cost-effective. It is not necessarily picking a toxic fight or argument with your ex. Couples seeking this approach can reap many other rewards such as reduced stress, improved co-parenting skills, more privacy, and happier […]