The Basics Of Common Law Marriage

If you have been in a formal relationship for quite some time, you are probably wondering if you have any legal rights just like married couples. Unmarried couples sometimes can gain rights through a common law marriage. However, this is not exactly the case in Utah since there is no common-law marriage, yet there is […]

Mother’s Rights in Utah

Although Utah is a seemingly conservative state, there are still some benefits available to mothers, whether single or married. It is important mothers seek legal representation from a qualified Salt Lake City mother rights attorney with experience on important family law matters such as child custody, child visitation, child support, and so on. An experienced […]

What happens if your ex kidnaps your kids?

It is common for emotions to take over in family law disputes. This is particularly true for divorcees who want to keep their children. In some custody disputes, a parent kidnaps a child without thinking about the legal repercussions. It can be a heartbreaking process for the parent who lost the child. After relying on […]

Married to An Addict – What Are Your Options?

Being married to an addict can be a very painful experience because the joy of having a family is not enough to satisfy a person struggling with an addiction. Addicts always need something more and they are never satisfied except when they are under the influence, and even that won’t last for too long so […]

Are Custody Battles Worth Fighting For?

It is common for divorced parents to fight for sole custody. However, in most cases, joint custody is granted. It is important parents who engage in these heated battles understand the importance of learning their custody options and doing what’s best for the children. A Salt Lake City sole custody attorney can help you make […]

How Sole Custody Affects Child Support?

There are different custody options that may be granted by a court. Whether that includes sole custody, sole physical custody, joint legal custody or joint physical custody, it is important you learn about your options. The custodial parent is granted sole custody, which involves many responsibilities and financial obligations. This is why it is important […]

How To Make Divorce Easier On Your Kids

Divorce is never easy, especially for divorcing couples with kids. As much as you want the process to be less painful and more amicable, somebody always gets hurt. But there are ways to make the whole situation easier on your kids. The first step is hiring an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney. It is […]

Advantages of Legal Separation

Some relationships come to an end right away while others may take a while to reach that point. A legal separation is often the best route for couples who don’t feel ready to untie the knot yet. There are times when a legal separation allows divorcing parties to rethink their lives by reconciling or resuming […]