Will Increased Marriage License Costs Reduce Salt Lake City Divorce

Believing that broken homes lead to lives of crime and habitual drug use, a Salt Lake City senator has proposed measures to reduce the occurrence of divorce in the region. Senator Allen Christensen, of R-North Ogden, has proposed Senate Bill SB54, with terms including a $20 price hike on marriage licenses, which could be waived […]

Free Range Parenting Law Adopted in Utah – Is It a Good Idea?

You may have heard of the free-range parenting trend, which is based on the philosophy that children should be allowed to explore and discover the world for themselves, but did you know that Utah has recently become the first state to adopt legislation supporting the hands-off parenting method? Under the new law, which was passed […]

Does It Matter in Court That My Spouse Had an Affair Before Divorce?

If you are currently getting divorced, and your spouse’s affair is partially or fully responsible for why you filed for divorce, it may seem like a logical question to ask. We brought our best Salt Lake City divorce attorney on board to answer this question. Your spouse may cheat again If your spouse cheated on […]

How Does Remarriage Affect Child Support? Answered By Attorney

Here at the Ault Firm, our Salt Lake City child support attorney has recently received a question that reads, “How does remarriage affect my child support payments?” One of our readers wrote: “My ex-wife (and the parent of my child) recently remarried a man who earns about 5x more than I do. Since her remarriage, […]

Child Custody Rights in Utah: Physical or Legal, What Are They?

If you are currently going through a divorce involving child custody and support issues, you may be confused about what your rights are as a parent – and how your parental rights will change once a Utah family court enforces a child custody order. We asked our Salt Lake City child support attorney to spell […]

Unmarried Parents and Child Custody in Utah: What Do State Laws Say?

Even though children born outside of marriage and births to unmarried parents no longer raises eyebrows in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah, having a child with a person you are not married to does create quite a few legal challenges that must be taken into account. Today, our Salt Lake City child custody […]

Divorcing in Utah: Is It Best to Settle or Go to Trial?

You may be surprised to hear this, but an estimated more than 95% of all divorces in Utah and all across the U.S. are settled out of court. However, in the most complicated divorces involving uncooperative spouses, some divorces actually go to trial. But what is the best way to finalize a divorce in Salt […]

Supporting Children Means Timely Child Support Payments

Every child deserves the same standard of living as their parents. This shouldn’t be debatable. Parents that work 40-plus hour weeks often pay mortgages, utility bills, buy food, gas for vehicle, and have little left over for extras. When single-parent households are counting on child support every week, there shouldn’t be excuses as to why […]

Avoid Contentious Child Custody Battles By Communicating

Parents always want children nearby. In their homes. They’re rightfully selfish about sharing children with other family members, and will often engage in custodial spats with the other custodial parent. It’s understandable, given today’s societal instability. That said, children should have equivalent access to both parents to balance their upbringing, but often get tossed between […]