Adoption Statistics in Salt Lake City

Everyone knows celebrity who has adopted a child. From Angelina Jolie to Sandra Bullock, we see that adopting children is becoming a more acceptable practice. This is great news! We here at The Ault Firm are thrilled to know that you are seeking an adoption. Christopher M. Ault is a father of three who understands […]

Ways in which an adoption attorney with the benefit you

When you decide to take the road to adoption it is a very important decision in your life. It is going to impact you forever. Getting through the process can be tough. It’s important to know that this process may not be for everyone. It can be confusing if you’ve never been through it before […]

You’ve decided to adopt. What do you need to take into consideration?

Adoption is beautiful thing. It’s a great way to build a family for couples who can’t have children or who simply choose to adopt. Whatever the reason may be, it has come to this point. It’s important to know that this process may not be for everyone. A thing to realize about adoption is that […]

What you need know about Alimony

Going through a divorce is a difficult process. The aftermath can add even more on your plate. Now you have to pay your ex-spouse alimony. That’s even more stress added on to you. If you’ve never paid alimony before or you don’t know anybody who has paid it before, you may not know how it […]

What you need to know about child custody and child support

Going through a divorce often isn’t smooth sailing. It can be an extremely stressful time in your life. It can get very complex and emotionally, especially with your kids involved. If you’ve never gone through it before you may not know how child custody or child support works. Legal custody is where the parent has […]

Why You should Hire a Divorce Attorney

You tried your hardest to make it work and it just didn’t work. Maybe there was infidelity. Maybe you were just incompatible. Either way, it has come to divorce. You or both you and your spouse want to file for divorce. This whole situation can be extremely messy. It can get even messier if it […]

Considering Modification After Remarriage

You’ve gotten through the tough part. Divorce was not easy. You tried your hardest to make it work but it just wasn’t meant to last. You and your ex-spouse were in and out of court. Now you have gotten remarried and you want a modification on your child support. If both you and your ex-spouse […]