It can be incredibly challenging to navigate a divorce, especially when children are involved. When you and your former spouse share children, there are many more emotions to deal with, and knowing how to move forward when it comes to parenting can be daunting. Being a successful parent is the primary goal, but divorce makes things trickier, and making mistakes along the way is close to inevitable. 


Below you will find three common mistakes parents make when divorcing and how to avoid making them.


MISTAKE #1 — Making Your Children Choose

The last thing you want to do is make your children choose between you and your former spouse. Doing this will only create awkward, uncomfortable, and painful situations for your kids and can lead to long-lasting feelings of anger and resentment. Instead, encourage a positive relationship and help facilitate that when you can. Help make drop-offs, phone calls, and other ways of communication possible and easy; do what you can to help. Putting your children in the middle never leads to good things.


MISTAKE #2 — Not Allowing Your Children to Talk About Their Feelings

It is important to remember that divorce is not only taxing on you and your ex but also your children. Kids can carry a lot of emotions and feelings that are heavy and should be discussed. Make sure your children know they can always talk to you or your former spouse about anything. If talking about these things is too complicated, or you are unsure how to address it, find an experienced family therapist that can help. Helping or allowing your children to work through their feelings now can lead to a more prosperous life in the future.


MISTAKE #3 — Speaking Poorly About the Other Parent

It is common and all too easy to say negative things, especially when your ex is doing something that bothers you, is not living up to their word, or is not following the rules outlined in your divorce decree. Despite this, you must avoid talking negatively about the other parent, especially in your kids’ presence. Instead, try to speak positively about your ex and only say pleasant things about them. Remember, if you are unable to say anything nice, opt to keep your thoughts to yourself. Make these moments teaching opportunities for your kids. They will see you handle things in a positive, mature way. It is unlikely that your kids share the same negative feelings about your ex that you have. If you must talk about your former spouse, find a therapist to help you work out your feelings and thoughts.


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