Our attorneys have represented many clients going through a divorce. We know it is a tough process for many. Avoiding some mistakes can make your divorce go quicker and smoother, so you can swiftly make a transition to divorced life. Here are some of the top mistakes our clients should avoid making during their divorce:

Not Listening to Advice

If you have hired an attorney, listen to their guidance. It is likely that your attorney has the experience of hundreds, or possibly thousands of divorce cases and the best strategies to achieve the best possible outcome. Any attorney’s advice should be taken seriously, and you should avoid trying to do things yourself.

Not Participating

Some clients assume that the judge and attorney are going to handle the entirety of the case. However, the more you participate in your case, the likelier you are to achieve a more acceptable outcome from your case.

Ignoring Mental Health

It is vital to take care of your mental health during a divorce. Most people think they can cope on their own. However, divorce is possibly one of the most stressful situations a person could experience. Consider seeing a mental health professional, joining support groups, and relying on friends and family. Exercising, staying busy, and connecting with friends can also help you achieve balanced mental health.

Carelessly Taking Action

If you are taking reckless actions such as moving money, moving residence, changing a child’s school, and spending funds without your spouse’s consent, it could aggravate your divorce case. These types of actions will usually backfire and create more significant problems. Keep yourself under control, and when in doubt, talk it out with your attorney to see what your best path is moving forward.

Stopping Communication

If two spouses are not communicating throughout their divorce process, it is almost guaranteed to lead to a more protracted and more expensive divorce proceeding. Don’t think you have to become friends, but communication is essential to move along with the divorce, especially if you have children. However, we strongly avoid too much conversation. You should also avoid sitting down and solving all your problems alone. This will often lead to more conflict.

Call our attorneys during regular business hours to receive a consultation on your case if you are at a loss with your divorce proceedings and don’t know the best path to achieve the most favorable outcome.