More Women Paying Alimony And Child Support

When people think of alimony and child support, they usually assume it is the man who is paying them. A new survey may tell us that times are changing. In a recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 54 percent of the attorneys said they see an increase in the number of mothers […]

Even Celebrities Go Through Child Custody Problems

We would not normally bring you a story about celebrities, but the recent child custody battle between superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shows us that divorce and child custody can become a messy situation for everyone, despite how famous or rich they are. Their child custody case is playing out on the national stage […]

Establishing and Maintaining Child Support in Utah

Establishing and maintaining child support can be complicated, stressful, and emotional. Most parents want their children’s needs to be met, but they are also concerned with fairly sharing the costs of those needs between parents. Even after the original child support responsibilities are established through a court order, modification of the agreement may be necessary […]

What you need to know about child custody and child support

Going through a divorce often isn’t smooth sailing. It can be an extremely stressful time in your life. It can get very complex and emotionally, especially with your kids involved. If you’ve never gone through it before you may not know how child custody or child support works. Legal custody is where the parent has […]

Signing Away Parental Rights To Avoid Paying Child Support

Statistics shows that roughly half of all kids in the United States witness the separation of their parents. After the divorce or breakup, most of these parents split into two categories: custodial and non-custodial. That means one of the parents has to pay child support to the custodial parent while being allowed to see his/her […]

Why Waiting to File for Child Support Modification Is a Huge Mistake

Contrary to the popular belief, child support orders are not everlasting, and can be modified if either of the parents can show a change in circumstances. Unfortunately, many parents – both receiving and paying – choose to delay their decision to request a child support modification for some reason or no reason at all, even […]

How Does Remarriage Affect Child Support? Answered By Attorney

Here at the Ault Firm, our Salt Lake City child support attorney has recently received a question that reads, “How does remarriage affect my child support payments?” One of our readers wrote: “My ex-wife (and the parent of my child) recently remarried a man who earns about 5x more than I do. Since her remarriage, […]

Child Custody Rights in Utah: Physical or Legal, What Are They?

If you are currently going through a divorce involving child custody and support issues, you may be confused about what your rights are as a parent – and how your parental rights will change once a Utah family court enforces a child custody order. We asked our Salt Lake City child support attorney to spell […]

Supporting Children Means Timely Child Support Payments

Every child deserves the same standard of living as their parents. This shouldn’t be debatable. Parents that work 40-plus hour weeks often pay mortgages, utility bills, buy food, gas for vehicle, and have little left over for extras. When single-parent households are counting on child support every week, there shouldn’t be excuses as to why […]