I Got Served with Divorce Papers, What Now?

If you have been served with divorce papers, then you need to handle things seriously and make the right, smart decisions that will be in your best interest. Even if you’re expecting a divorce, remember that the way that you respond can completely impact the outcome of your case. We know, dealing with divorce papers […]

Life After Divorce: When You Need Modifications

When couples are considering a divorce they tend to think about all the issues that will come up during the divorce. If you are divorcing and have children, you will more than likely have to deal with issues such as child support or planning visitation rights. Utah’s divorce statutes require people to consult a mediator […]

It Is Never Too Late To Modify Your Divorce Decree

Some divorcing couples file for divorce too quickly and they forget to consider some important aspects. But it is possible to appeal your divorce decree with the help of a Salt Lake City post-divorce modifications attorney. Modifications of divorce decrees may require a long process but they can be very beneficial, especially if your original […]

Is It Time To Change Your Divorce Decree?

Utah family courts are very strict. Once the court hands down a divorce settlement, both parties are required to comply with all conditions. But what happens when there is a major change in your life or your ex spouse? Few things in life are guaranteed. However, there is one absolute. Your life is going to […]