Is A Visitation Lawyer Worth It?


After being served with visitation rights, it is important to adhere to the court’s visitation rules and laws. A visitation attorney can help ensure that you follow the proper procedures and do not violate any court orders. Attorney services can also help if there are disputes or problems with visitation. If you have been served […]

Will the Mother Always Win Sole Custody?


It’s a common misconception that mothers always win in custody battles. However, there is no guarantee that a particular parent will be awarded custody of their child. The outcome of a custody case can depend on many factors, including: • The laws of the state where the lawsuit is filed. • The strength of each […]

Termination of Parental Rights

When getting a divorce a major concern is that of the welfare of minor children.  Their needs, health, happiness, benefit and well-being must be considered and put above other considerations.  After all, children cannot address these issues for themselves and we as parents and adults need to ensure children’s needs are met and their welfare […]

I Got Served with Divorce Papers, What Now?

If you have been served with divorce papers, then you need to handle things seriously and make the right, smart decisions that will be in your best interest. Even if you’re expecting a divorce, remember that the way that you respond can completely impact the outcome of your case. We know, dealing with divorce papers […]

Tips for Effective Co-Parenting

Struggling marriages can feel like a prison to some; allowing both spouses to divorce and go their separate ways can be the best solution so they can tend to their individual needs. When you have minor children, a divorce can prove to be a lot more challenging.    However, when you become a divorced parent, […]

What is a Father’s Rights Lawyer?

Fathers play a pivotal role in the emotional development of their kids, but some of them must fight for their rights with a father’s rights lawyer. According to research from the Children’s Bureau, kids with involved and present fathers are more likely to be secure, both mentally and emotionally, have increased confidence, and have better […]

Considering Modification After Remarriage

You’ve gotten through the tough part. Divorce was not easy. You tried your hardest to make it work but it just wasn’t meant to last. You and your ex-spouse were in and out of court. Now you have gotten remarried and you want a modification on your child support. If both you and your ex-spouse […]

Recovering From Alcohol or Drug Addictions for Your Child

When you pictured where your life would be with your spouse and children, we know you didn’t plan on addiction. Nobody chooses to become an addict. Unfortunately, addictions to drugs and alcohol can have devastating effects on your life. It can lead divorce as well as a loss of custody of your child. While losing […]