Termination of Parental Rights

When getting a divorce a major concern is that of the welfare of minor children.  Their needs, health, happiness, benefit and well-being must be considered and put above other considerations.  After all, children cannot address these issues for themselves and we as parents and adults need to ensure children’s needs are met and their welfare […]

Tips for Effective Co-Parenting

Struggling marriages can feel like a prison to some; allowing both spouses to divorce and go their separate ways can be the best solution so they can tend to their individual needs. When you have minor children, a divorce can prove to be a lot more challenging.    However, when you become a divorced parent, […]

Five Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

After a divorce is finalized, your relationship with your ex-spouse does not necessarily end, especially when you and your ex-spouse share children. Finding the right balance between you and your ex when it comes to parenting together can be tricky. But, for the sake of your children, it is crucial.   Continue scrolling to learn […]

How Can Parental Rights Be Removed In Utah?

Voluntary Removal of Parental Rights In general, there are two ways parental rights can be removed in Utah. Starting with voluntary removal, (also known as relinquishment) parents will remove their rights by their own free will. This is generally something that cannot be undone once proper documentation has taken place. Another general rule is that […]

How parental alienation can affect your children

  There is a natural tendency among authoritarian divorcees to alienate their children. Although alienated children from authoritarian families follow all the rules, their social skills and school performance tend to be poor and they may also deal with low self-esteem coupled and other issues. Parental alienation is a serious problem that must be dealt […]