Robbery Vs. Burglary- What is the difference?


Holidays are whimsical when friends and family get together to spend quality time and usually eat fantastic food. Holidays are also the prime time for desperate people to search through neighborhoods for empty homes to rob or gain materialistic items. A big question is why people rob or break into homes. There are several reasons […]

How To Regain Your Visitation Rights During The Holidays


The holidays are a time for family, friends, and loved ones to come together and celebrate. For many people, this means spending time with their children and grandchildren. However, for some parents who have lost custody of their children, the holidays can be sad and lonely. Parents need visitation rights during the holidays to continue […]

School Events After Divorce

Attending school events after divorce can make you uncomfortable, especially if your former spouse will be in attendance. Although you want to be there for your children’s milestones, you probably want to avoid your ex at all costs. From softball games and ballet recitals to graduations and school conferences, school events keep both parents busy, […]

Signs That You’re Being Bullied With Divorce

The people that we love the most often hold the tightest grip on the strings that play with our emotions. Our defenses are typically down with loved ones, with our deepest fears, dreams, and secrets uncovered like Achilles’ heel. As time passes our histories and personalities paint a picture of the person that we are. […]

Dealing With Your Children’s Step-Parent

Beyond just the complications that come with co-parenting with your ex-spouse, a specific problem blended families have is the relationship between a parent and his or her ex-spouse’s new spouse or significant other, which for simplicity, this article will refer to as the “new spouse.” In particular, there may be significant difficulties regarding how the […]

3 Tips For Fathers On How To Connect With Your Child After Divorce

For any parent, one of the most painful things about their divorce is how it affects their relationship with their children. Correct me if I’m wrong but fathers feel this pain more acutely than mothers for several reasons: Gender stereotypes and biases in the family court system in Utah cause fathers to lose child custody […]

Utah Divorce: The Rules For Recording Text And Audio Conversations With Your Spouse

If you are currently getting divorced, it is paramount to know the rules for keeping records of emails and text messages and recording phone calls and conversations with your spouse. “By keeping records of written electronic communications and recording audio conversations with your spouse before, during, and after divorce, you will always be able to […]