We all dream of a society where people treat each other with utmost respect, with an absolute intolerance for emotional and/or physical violence, no matter the form it may take. Unfortunately, this dream is yet to become a realization.  It is crucial for both men and women to be aware of signs that could very well indicate that they are victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is becoming alarmingly prevalent in the State of Utah, higher than the national average. Studies have shown that one in three women will experience symptoms of domestic violence, more than the national statistic of one in four women. Even more concerning, 32% of homicides in Utah can be traced back to the infliction of domestic violence. It is a distressing trend that must end. And it starts with each person.  “Domestic violence” is not a trick word used in the legal community to refer only to the most serious of cases. Physical abuse is merely one of the many forms it may take. For instance, domestic violence can comprise of psychological abuse that has made you feel at any time unsafe with your partner or inadequate for any reason.

The tell-tale signs of domestic violence are endless. Maybe you know of a friend or relative who is suffering from the effects of an abusive relationship. The key to addressing this issue is to act upon these signs as soon as possible. Failing to do so can lead to disastrous consequences such as innocent children being caught in the crossfire and sadly even death.

Domestic violence is a crime in Utah. If you are looking to get out of an abusive marriage, it is critical to seek legal representation from a highly experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney, with a track record of protecting the rights of domestic violence victims. You no longer have to wonder whether you are in a relationship tainted by emotional or physical abuse. A good family law attorney will take the time to help, and importantly listen. Domestic violence can be debilitating. But with help from an experienced domestic violence attorney in Salt Lake City, victims are placed in the best position to succeed.

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Domestic violence is a vicious cycle that leaves many physical and emotional scars. Do not allow the problem to continue. The first important step is to seek assistance from a legal professional. Attorney Christopher M. Ault brings years of experience in helping domestic violence victims move on and get their lives back on track. He can assess your unique situation carefully to explore legal solutions. If you feel that you may be a victim of domestic violence or that someone you know is affected by this, please contact the Salt Lake City legal team at the Ault Firm.  You are empowered with the ability to change you and your children’s lives for the better.