If you’re in the middle of a divorce, you’re probably wondering if working with a divorce lawyer will simplify the process. The answer depends on your situation, so if you and your spouse agree on everything, you may not need to work with one. However, a divorce lawyer can hold your spouse accountable in court if they try to go back on their word.

Look out for Your Best Interests

Do you trust your spouse? When it comes to divorce, both parties are usually only looking out for their best interests. Even if they haven’t given you a reason not to trust them, you should still work with a lawyer.
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Did You Really Agree On Everything?

Perhaps you and your spouse agreed on child support and how you intend to split debt, but there’s bound to be areas you two didn’t mention. When you first filed for divorce, your mind was probably clouded with sadness, and you likely didn’t think about the paperwork.

Here are intricate questions you both may have overlooked:

There are several other questions you both may not have addressed, which could lead to conflict. Even if your spouse has given you their word, it’s best to work with a divorce lawyer who can help you consider other aspects you haven’t thought of.

Draft the Contracts

Once you have both discussed all concerns, you will need to memorialize the agreement on paper; this will govern your future obligations. One mistake may result in significant unintended consequences years from now.

Although you can draft the contracts on your own, you may not understand legal jargon. Divorce lawyers are experts in legal writing and analysis, and they can prepare your documents to perfection.

Some people attempt to file their documents with the court to no avail. A divorce lawyer can file your paperwork, which takes only one hour to do.

Times When You May Not Need a Lawyer

There are a few instances where you may not need to work with a divorce lawyer, but this is rare. For example, if you don’t have children or marital assets, then you can represent yourself in court. Another instance is if you’ve been divorced before; however, the procedure may have changed since your last divorce.
If you choose to represent yourself, you can pick up a packet designed to help self-represented individuals at your county court.


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