Protective orders are available to victims of domestic violence and their families so that the abuser can no longer hurt them. But it is possible that some people abuse theses orders and use them to their advantage, especially during divorce proceedings. Some divorces can face false allegations. This is why it is important you have an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney guiding you along the way.

Define protection orders

Restraining orders are meant to stop the abuse rather than encourage it. If the abuser doesn’t respect these orders, he or she will face serious consequences. Both men and women can request a protection order, notwithstanding their background or social circumstances.

How these orders work?

Restraining orders can have a strong impact on reducing domestic abuse. Most abusers respect them. These orders can provide protection against physical abuse such as bodily injury, and sexual assault. They also protect children and other family members. Victims are also protected against false imprisonment, harassment, and stalking. So the alleged abuser can no longer continue this behaviour or he will face the legal consequences. Many studies show that abusers who hurt adults are more likely to abuse children as well.

Types of protection orders

There are a variety of protection orders, which can be permanent or temporary. It all depends on the circumstances and the reasons for the request. Permanent orders can last for over a year.

Other restrictions protection orders can provide

Protection orders can also include other restrictions. The alleged abuser may be told to move out of the house. Also, if children are exposed to danger, the alleged abuser may not be able to see the children until the order expires or the allegations have been disproved.

Dealing with false accusations

It is possible that some domestic violence allegations are not true and the protection order was just a way for a spouse to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, some people like to use this method in order to get what they want. The court will eventually feel sorry and may grant them their request, unless a good attorney is present to challenge false allegations and prove otherwise.

Why false accusations?

Couples argue and have differences. Things can get ugly, especially in cases involving infidelity. It is also possible to get the advantage of a family law case. Some important things such as child support, child custody and child visitation can be ordered and the alleged victim may get what he or she wants.

Seek legal assistance today

It is never too late to ask for help, especially when it is related to your family’s wellbeing. We can prepare your family law case and protect your interests. A protection order can have a positive impact on your family, especially your kids. They deserve better. Call us today and we’ll help you figure out what’s the best legal approach to your individual situation.