When you pictured where your life would be with your spouse and children, we know you didn’t plan on addiction. Nobody chooses to become an addict. Unfortunately, addictions to drugs and alcohol can have devastating effects on your life. It can lead divorce as well as a loss of custody of your child.

While losing custody may have been in the best interest of the child, it doesn’t mean you haven’t dreamt of the day that you could re enter your child’s life. If you have taken the steps to recover from addiction and are ready to re enter your child’s life, you may need a family law attorney in Salt Lake City to help you regain custody rights. The Ault Firm is ready to help you along the way.

The Devastation and Recovery

Addiction is a disease and should be taken seriously. Addictions are controlling and can completely unravel our lives. Addiction may have ended your marriage and caused you to lose custody of your child. Whether it was a failed drug test or social services deemed you unfit to have custody, there are steps you can take to get everything back on track.

While it is not an easy road, recovery is possible. Realizing you need treatment is one of the hardest steps. Entering a program to help you get clean and curb your addictions is a positive step, not only for your life, but for the life of your child.

New Beginning

Can You Regain Custody?

Yes, if you follow the procedures set by the court, you could eventually petition to regain custody of your child. It may not be a quick process and will likely begin with supervised visitation. That’s okay because it is a step in the right direction and will work to prove you are once again a capable parent.

There may be court ordered drug tests involved and they may be frequent. Failing one could mean starting over again, but they are a necessary part of the process. You may also be ordered to take parenting classes.

Eventually, if you stay clean and complete all court-ordered programs, you may be able to gain shared custody of your child.

Being able to be a part of your child’s life is important for you and your child. Their physical and emotional well-being is what matters the most and we want to help you achieve that for them.

What To Do

Understand that this is not a quick process. You need patience. Staying sober and focused is the most important thing for you to do while you recover.

If you have taken the steps necessary to turn your life around so you can re enter your child’s life, we applaud your efforts. We know the court system can be difficult to manage on your own and that you may need a family law attorney in Salt Lake City. The Ault Firm will help you through this process, including arranging expert addiction witnesses for your case. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 801-539-9000.