Family law attorneys tend to be associated with divorce, child custody, and child support wrangles, but the truth is there’s much more to our talents. Of course, we are skilled and dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation to clients facing each of these events, but there can be a more positive side to our expertise too. What would you say if we told you that paying a visit to a Salt Lake City family law attorney before you walk down the aisle with your future spouse could not only save you money but may also mean you don’t ever need a divorce lawyer?

Prenuptial Agreements Don’t Tempt Fate – They’re Just Good Planning

Prenuptial agreements can be a contentious topic, with some believing that signing such a document means that you’re not truly in love, or that you’re tempting fate by discussing a future divorce before you’ve even been married. As experienced Salt Lake City family law attorneys, we firmly believe that a premarital agreement is a very sensible step to take as, after all, none of us know what the future has in store, and it’s far better to discuss and arrange matters while everyone is calm.

A prenup won’t sort out every aspect of a future divorce, but it can iron out any issues relating to property ownership, meaning they won’t cause resentment in the marriage. Some of the specifics you may want to have in writing include:

A premarital agreement isn’t just for the rich and famous, looking to protect multi-million dollar property portfolios and a fleet of supercars. They’re an option for normal people like you, who want to eradicate potential sources of resentment in your relationship before they get the chance to turn toxic. Rather than tempting fate and encouraging your own divorce, try looking at the prenup as a chance to remove some of the contributing factors.

Prenups and Child Custody

There are certain aspects that a prenup can’t legislate for, and they include child custody and child support arrangements. Anything that concerns the best interest of any children must be dealt with at the time of divorce, should your marriage break down.

An excellent Salt Lake City family law attorney will be well equipped to work with you on any aspect of family law, from prenuptial arrangements and adoption to divorce, alimony, and parental rights. Expertise across the various facets of family law means we can provide a well-rounded service, accounting for the potential impact of one decision on another area of family law.

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