Child Custody Arrangements: The Different Types You Need to Know


When two parents decide to divorce, one of the most challenging things to figure out is what will happen to their children. Child custody arrangements can be very complex, and there are a few different types that you need to be aware of. This blog post will discuss the four most common types of child […]

Military Divorce Laws

Military members and their spouses can file for a divorce in many ways, including the state where the nonmilitary spouse resides, the state where the military member is stationed, or the state where the military member claims legal residency. Though military divorce follows the most common divorce procedures as civilians, there are some noticeable differences.  […]

Custody 101

Legal custody is not an everyday topic, nor thought of for that matter until it affects your life either directly or indirectly. However, once you dive into the subject, you will find many different terms to describe your rights. These rights can be different from case to case. Below we will go over the basics […]

Which Parent Gets Custody of the Children?

Navigating a divorce can be overwhelming and stressful for everyone involved, especially when children are in the equation. Custody and visitation issues are extremely sensitive and complicated, and determining who gets custody of your children is a serious matter that the courts do not take lightly. So, which parent will get custody of your children? […]

Successful Co-Parenting When Your Kids Live Out of State

In a perfect world, couples that share children and are divorced or separated would remain living close to each other. Living in different homes is difficult enough for kids, let alone a completely different state. Despite this, life happens, and life sometimes takes one or both parents away. Do you and your ex share custody […]

Tips For Creating A Parenting Plan

Having a family, becoming a parent, and raising children is a dream many people wish to achieve. But, what happens when you and your spouse decide to divorce? The honor, privilege, and responsibility of being a parent are far from over. When parents share legal or physical custody of their children, Utah law requires couples […]

How To Build a Connection With A Child You Don’t Have Custody Of

Your divorce is finalized and now you are trying to pick up your life after this process. One of the biggest and most heart-wrenching parts of divorce is losing custody of a child. The thought of not being able to see them whenever you like is a tremendous burden. Even after a divorce, a very […]

What you need to know about child custody and child support

Going through a divorce often isn’t smooth sailing. It can be an extremely stressful time in your life. It can get very complex and emotionally, especially with your kids involved. If you’ve never gone through it before you may not know how child custody or child support works. Legal custody is where the parent has […]

How Does Child Custody Work?

At one point, you used to be one big happy family. You had children together, you built a life together. Whatever the circumstances may be, it ultimately had to end in divorce. This can be devastating. Divorce alone is tragic but now you have to put your kids through it. Now you have to go […]