Divorce Settlements Aren’t Necessarily Final

At the Ault Firm, we know that a divorce can be a very difficult time for everyone involved. There are many factors that go into divorce settlements. The length of marriage, who gets what property, and whether or not alimony will be paid are just a few things that need to be examined. When children […]

Infidelity Higher Among Older Couples

Just about every married couple bickers. It’s part of being in a relationship. Even couples in the healthiest marriages fight on occasion. Everyone agrees infidelity is wrong. A recent General Social Survey revealed nearly 16 percent of married people cheat on their spouse. But you may be surprised to learn who is cheating. According to […]

Facts About Divorce in Utah

If you are thinking about untying the knot in Utah, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Just like in every state, Utah has some laws you should be familiar with in order to better prepare for your divorce. Divorce is a complicated process and even more so when you attempt […]

Shhh…. I’m Looking for a Divorce Attorney Online

In the past hour there were over 100 searches for divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City alone with thousands more throughout the country. Finding a divorce attorney online has become the main method of contact for couples. Previously , the only way to find an attorney was through word of mouth or by driving around […]

Does Money Outweigh Love in a Marriage?

For better or worse or until we go broke. We get married for love but divorced for money. A Salt Lake City divorce attorney can help when it’s time to say goodbye. Divorce attorneys can help look at assets, finances and debts to build a plan of action. You will learn how much a divorce […]

Why Handling a Divorce Without an Attorney is a Bad Idea

There are plenty of people throughout Salt Lake City who take pride in being self reliant. While you may be handy with tools, divorce is not something you want to do alone. Here’s the truth. Unless you are a highly-skilled legal professional, it is extremely important to seek representation from a divorce attorney that can […]