Protective vs Restraining orders–What’s the difference?


Regarding domestic violence, there are two types of orders to protect the victim. These orders are called restraining orders and protective orders. Although both types of orders serve the same purpose, there are some key differences between the two. Both types of orders typically forbid the person named in the order from having any contact […]

What If Someone Lies To Get A Restraining Order

Restraining orders protect people against abusers. Unfortunately, some people manipulate the system and file them as a form of revenge against an innocent person. If someone has wrongfully filed a restraining order against you, it can tarnish your reputation. Continue reading to find out what to do if someone has falsely filed a restraining order […]

What a Restraining Order Really Means

Restraining orders, also known as protective orders, are court-mandated orders issued by judges to prevent a person from doing certain activities. Most commonly, judges issue these orders to prohibit an abuser from contacting or harming someone. What does a restraining order entail? Continue reading to learn more.  Understanding a Restraining Order A restraining order is […]

Domestic Violence and Divorce. What happens?

When there is any sort of court proceedings in Utah generally the two different courts, civil and criminal tend to be kept as two different entities. However, in some very particular cases, they do overlap. One of these instances is where there are claims of domestic violence made by either a male or a female […]

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help Domestic Violence Victims

We all dream of a society where people treat each other with utmost respect, with an absolute intolerance for emotional and/or physical violence, no matter the form it may take. Unfortunately, this dream is yet to become a realization.  It is crucial for both men and women to be aware of signs that could very […]

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

As domestic abuse becomes more common in Utah we wonder how it all began. There are a number of behaviors that may indicate you are facing a potential batterer. However, sometimes things are not that obvious and may unexpectedly get out of hand. It’s important you don’t deal with domestic violence on your own and […]