Divorces May Be Decreasing, But Your Decision Is Still The Best For You

Divorce is on the decline. In fact, Utah has the lowest number of divorces comparatively to other states in the United States. In fact, Utah also has the highest number of marriages too. The reason for this can’t really be qualified, but it may have to do with the fact that Utah is also one […]

Revenge Porn During Divorce In Utah: Why Is It A Crime And How To Prove It?

In today’s world, revenge porn and divorce are practically synonymous. As a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, I often see ex-spouses bring up the issue of sharing intimate photos and videos of their exes without their permission. If you have become a victim of revenge porn during or after your divorce proceedings, will your ex-spouse […]

Utah Divorce: The Rules For Recording Text And Audio Conversations With Your Spouse

If you are currently getting divorced, it is paramount to know the rules for keeping records of emails and text messages and recording phone calls and conversations with your spouse. “By keeping records of written electronic communications and recording audio conversations with your spouse before, during, and after divorce, you will always be able to […]

Should You File Bankruptcy Before or After Your Divorce?

Money problems almost always lead to relationship problems. In fact, many divorces come about because of the stress that money places on the marital relationship. Moreover, divorce is a top cause of financial ruin for many people; they find themselves with few assets and a mountain of debt. Remember, you can divorce your spouse, but […]

Divorce Is A Part of Family Law

When two people unite to become a family, they promise to try their best and work through the highs and lows in order to make this stage in their relationship work. Sometimes these relationships work. Other times, these relationships recognize that there are changes that need to be made to ensure happiness. Divorces are just […]

What Happens When You End Your Marriage?

People don’t usually go into marriage expecting to get divorced and while divorce may be the right decision, it is still extremely difficult, especially when a host of emotions are involved between everyone affected by the divorce. Regardless of the circumstances, divorce is a life-changing event. Even when a divorce is amicable, there are still […]

Divorcing after 50, and the Impact on Your Retirement

Even what was once seemingly a fairytale marriage can eventually come to an end, whether this is due to the behavior of one or both spouses, or simply down to you growing apart. Divorcing at any stage of your life is sure to be traumatic, after all, nobody goes into a marriage thinking they may […]