How Much is Divorce Going to Cost Me?

When making big decisions about anything there are few standard questions to ask: Is this really what I want? Am I going to want this 5 years from now? and How much is this going to cost? Choosing to separate from marriage, regardless of how long you and your partner have been together, is not […]

Divorce with an Attorney Who Has Been There

Divorce stories generally don’t start with a happy beginning. There is a reason why you are searching for divorce attorneys and it isn’t because you and your spouse are looking for the next step in your lives together. Our Divorce Attorney, Christopher M. Ault, at the Ault Firm, a Professional Corporation in Salt Lake City, […]

Divorcing During The Holidays?

Here’s Your Survival Guide to Get Through This (And Not Go Nuts) At any time of year, divorce is not exactly the most fun thing to do. But when it happens during the holidays – the time of year when you need to feel warmth from your family and loved ones the most – this […]