How Can Mediation Help My Divorce?

Filing a divorce claim is not easy. Clearly you and your spouse are making the right decision and have thoroughly exhausted all other options. No one chooses divorce as their first answer. Divorce is as big of a commitment as getting married. It takes time and consideration to follow through a decision like that. So […]

How To Mediate A Divorce If Your Spouse Is A Bully?

Unfortunately, many people turn out to be bullies during divorce even when they did not manifest signs of aggressive and violent behavior before they got down on their knee and popped the question to their fiancée-to-be. Verbal and physical abuse is the most common form of bullying during the marriage, but have you ever heard […]

A Guide To Divorce Mediation In Utah (FAQs About Mediation Answered By Lawyers)

If you are currently getting divorced or are on the brink of filing for dissolution of marriage in Utah, the thought about resolving your disputes through mediation has probably crossed your mind. But each time you think about mediation, it does not sound like the best route to take, right? This is because you, like […]

How your attorney can help with mediation

Some lawsuits can become bitter and hostile and the only way to get out of them is hiring a mediator or attorney. After months of litigation, you and your former spouse don’t seem to agree or reach a formal resolution of your divorce case. So what can you do? This is where mediation can help. […]