As domestic abuse becomes more common in Utah we wonder how it all began. There are a number of behaviors that may indicate you are facing a potential batterer. However, sometimes things are not that obvious and may unexpectedly get out of hand. It’s important you don’t deal with domestic violence on your own and seek legal representation from a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney. With sound legal advice you will be able to recover all your losses and have someone carry you during this painful time in your life.

Some of the most common attributes a potential batterer will exhibit include:

Jealousy – The abuser can sometimes equate jealousy with love and accuse the victim of flirting, and become jealous when he or she talks or spends time with others. The abuser may also call the victim several times a day asking about his or her whereabouts, check the car mileage, refuse letting the victim work, and even ask friends to spy on the victim.

Controlling personality

Perhaps the abuser tells the victim the controlling behavior it’s just concern for the victim making the victim think he or she is not capable of making sound decisions. This behavior can definitely get worst and the abuser may even control the victim’s finances and places he or she visits.

The abuser may try to isolate the victim from any outside support or resources. The friends and family of the abuser are accused of being troublemakers and not wanting the best for the victim. Access to a vehicle, telephone or the internet may also be limited. This helps the abuser place the victim in a defenseless position where the victim is often blamed for everything happening to the abuser. Feelings are often used to manipulate the victim and keep him or her in this emotional incarceration

Verbal and physical abuse
The abuser may say some very cruel things to the victim putting down his or her accomplishments, cursing or degrading the victim. There may be threats of violence and justifying this aggressive behavior.

When someone you know is being abused

Perhaps someone you know is involved in an abusive relationship. Some signs to watch out for include:

If you or a loved one has become a victim of domestic violence perhaps it’s time you take immediate action and get an order of protection. Contact a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney who can evaluate your situation and take legal action to protect you.