Flat-Fee Divorce Representation

Flat Fee Divorce Representation: Did you know that divorce is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy? Unfortunately one of the contributing factors in this is that many people spend thousands more on their divorce than they need to spend. Not all attorneys are honest in their billings, and many attorneys create work just so they can bill for it. I know, shocker, right? Don’t hire one of those Salt Lake City Attorneys that is just in it for your hard earned money.

One of the questions we get asked at the beginning of every case is “How much is my divorce going to cost me?” or “how much is my custody case going to be?” We never had a good answer, other than that each case varied, probably the same thing you are hearing from every Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney you have contacted. Until now.

In looking over our cases for the past 11 years, it seems that, with a few exceptions, the costs don’t vary all that much. We decided that we were going to offer a Utah Flat Fee Divorce and to go along with that a Utah Flat Fee Custody Case. Most of what can be done in your Utah Divorce and Custody cases is known. You can have a Temporary Order before one of our Commissioners or Judges to get immediate action in your divorce case, or go to trial and have one of our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney fight for you to get a final and complete resolution. Each of those are not the best thing for each of our current or past clients.

What we have done is create a pricing structure where each different aspect of the case costs a certain amount. If you have a Divorce Case pending in Salt Lake and want to know what it will cost you to have help at mediation, we can tell you when you sit down for a flat fee divorce consultation with one of our Salt Lake City Divorce and Custody Attorney. In fact, we have separated out each different thing that can be done in a Utah Divorce or Utah Custody case and set out a price for each from the Initial Petition, to the cost for each half or full day of trial.

We have taken the uncertainty out of how much a divorce in Utah will cost you. We are here to fight for you when you need and attorney. Now you can have some of the best Salt Lake City Divorce and Custody attorneys work for you at a Fixed Rate.

We haven’t gotten rid of our hourly pricing, so if you prefer to have your Utah Divorce Attorney bill you hourly we are happy to have a great Utah Divorce Lawyer fight for you hourly. But if you prefer a fixed fee Salt Lake City divorce Attorney we have that too.

At Utah Attorneys we strive to be not only the best Divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City, but to be the best Divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City for you. When you are hiring an attorney for your Utah Divorce or Utah Custody case make sure you have a good idea of what your case is going to cost you. Don’t go bankrupt because you hired a lawyer that couldn’t tell you how much your divorce was going to cost, other than that you would lose at least 100 pounds of dead weight from your life.