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One of the most important aspects of family law in Utah is the protection of children. When it comes to divorce and many family law disputes, paternity often plays a major factor. Under Utah law, both parents are required to participate in the support and upbringing of their children. Fathers play an important role in the process, whether it is providing for spousal and child support or even having primary child custody. Paternity also brings many rights and privileges granted to the married father of a child. But when a relationship involves an unmarried father or a child without a determined father, it can make life extremely complicated. In these cases, it is important to seek representation from a Salt Lake City paternity attorney that provides effective legal solutions.


How is Child Support Determined in Utah?

 Paternity cases are among the most complex in Utah family law. That is because it encompasses so many different issues including:

  • Mothers seeking paternity confirmation for child support
  • Fathers seeking confirmed paternity to participate in raising a child
  • Either parent seeking to terminate paternity

The Consequences of Undetermined Paternity in Salt Lake City

The confirmation of a father is not only important in the financial support of the child, it also has significant ramifications on their health and welfare. There are some serious consequences for children with an undetermined father. The determination of paternity can help identify possible medical conditions that can affect the child’s future. Children without a confirmed father will not be able to claim their father’s benefits, including social security, inheritance or benefits given to members of the military.

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Paternity is one of the most serious and complex issues concerning family law. It is important to choose a family law attorney that can inform and properly protect your rights. To learn more, contact a Salt Lake City paternity attorney at Utah Attorneys and schedule an initial consultation today.


Here are some other reasons why the confirmation of paternity in Salt Lake City is important:

  • Confirmed paternity legally identifies both parents
  • It helps provide the child with life or medical insurance from either parent
  • It determines child support

Salt Lake City Fathers Have Rights Too

Over the years, I have represented both men and women in several different types of cases involving family law in Salt Lake City. Paternity can often be a very sensitive issue. In many cases, fathers have been denied the opportunity to participate in the upbringing of their child. My legal staff and I are committed to protecting the rights and best interests of each client. As a divorced father of three children, I understand the importance of father’s rights. Salt Lake City is home to countless men who either do not know their rights or have been misidentified as a father. Turn to the Salt Lake City paternity attorney with a proven track record of experience and helping clients achieve the best possible results.

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