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There are few experiences more rewarding than being a parent. While not every couple is able to have children of their own, there are countless children throughout Utah that deserve a loving home. However, adoption in Utah can sometimes get complicated. Because most people are unfamiliar with Utah family law, it is important to have a Salt Lake City adoption attorney on your side that can help navigate through the legal process. There are several different types of adoptions in Utah. Each has its own unique set of laws. The legal team at Utah Attorneys is committed to helping clients find effective solutions for adoption.

Types of Adoption in Utah

There are three general types of adoptions in Utah. They can be conducted privately, through the Department of Human Services, or through a national program. Because this process is very complex, it is essential to have an experienced Salt Lake City adoption lawyer on your side.

  • Private Adoptions: These are among the most common types of adoption in Utah. They involve the birth mother and the adoptive parents. Although these adoptions happen frequently, it is important to understand they are not addressed specifically within Utah codes. This can make the process extremely complicated–especially if the birth mother reconsiders after handing over her parental rights to the adoptive parents. Each of these adoptions will require a thorough investigation from a social service professional and then need to be approved by the court.
  • Human Department of Services: A Salt Lake City adoption attorney can help a client file a petition with the Department of Services. The HDS is also an important resource that can provide forms and information about the adoption process.
  • Federal Adoption Programs: There are several national adoption programs available to prospective parents in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. Federal programs, provide an effective solution to help foster children find permanent homes and loving parents.

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There is no greater gift than providing a child with a family. To make help prospective parents achieve their dream of welcoming a new addition to their home, the legal team at Utah Attorneys has the experience, knowledge, and legal resources to help place each client in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact Utah Attorneys and discover how a Salt Lake City adoption attorney can help.


How a Salt Lake City Adoption Attorney Can Help

As a father of three children, there is no greater joy than being a parent. As a Salt Lake City adoption attorney, I am committed to helping responsible clients earn the opportunity to realize their dreams of parenthood. However, adoption involves more than just providing a child with a home. Some adoptions may even involve an adult, such as a grandparent or other relatives. Utah law does not allow adoption lawyers to provide matching services. Utah Attorneys represents and provides family law advisement for birth parents, adoption agencies, and adoptive families for the following:

  • Contested adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Birthparent representation
  • Birthparent relinquishment
  • Grandparent or other relative adoptions
  • Foster care adoptions

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