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Not every divorce in Salt Lake City has to be filled with conflict, disputes, and acrimony. Although the end of a marriage can be a heartbreaking experience for both parties, many divorcing couples simply want to move on with their lives. But even when both parties agree on the division of assets, child custody, and visitation arrangements, it is important to have the right lawyer on your side to make the process as smooth as possible. The legal team at Utah Attorneys is committed to providing the best legal solutions for each client seeking a divorce.

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Why You Need a Salt Lake City Uncontested Divorce Attorney

One of the myths of an uncontested divorce is they are always quick and easy. That is not always true. Anytime a couple decides to end their marriage, it rarely occurs without any emotional pain. Divorce brings several changes to the lives of each spouse and their children. It is important to receive sound legal advice and representation to be prepared for the changes and to place yourself in the best position to succeed. As your Salt Lake City uncontested divorce attorney, my legal team and I can address many of the common issues clients face including:

  • Modifications
  • Parental Rights
  • Mediation
  • Relocation

Most uncontested divorces in Salt Lake City involve couples that have been married for a short time with no children or significant assets. However, no two divorces are the same. What people do not know about divorce can hurt them later. Most people who file for divorce, do not properly understand their rights. Regardless of whether you are involved in a contested or uncontested divorce, it is important to have a legal professional on your side that will protect your rights and interests.

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Divorce is never easy. The first important step is to get the right legal advice from a Salt Lake City uncontested divorce lawyer committed to protecting your rights and interests. The job of a divorce lawyer goes beyond representing a client in court. It is also about helping them make good choices to ensure they have a bright future. To learn more, contact Utah Attorneys and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.


Placing Clients in the Best Position to Succeed

An uncontested divorce is often the least expensive option to end a marriage. However, the legal team at Utah Attorneys can also provide other legal solutions to help place each client in the best position to succeed. In addition to being an uncontested divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, I also provide mediation services. As a licensed mediator in Utah, I can listen and address any questions, concerns, and views regarding your marriage. In some cases, couples are able to find common ground and resolve their differences.

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