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Divorce is often unpredictable. Each case is different. Many couples are willing to end their marriage peacefully with little conflict. However, others have a more adversarial relationship. In some extreme cases, both spouses can barely stay in the same room together without an argument. When a couple has children along with significant assets and property, it can turn into a bitter battle. During this difficult time, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City divorce attorney on your side to help navigate through the legal process and protect your rights and interests. The legal team at Utah Attorneys in Salt Lake City utilizes a personable and comprehensive approach to help clients going through a divorce.


What is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is when a couple has disagreements or disputes that must be resolved either through mediation or by the court. The most complex contested divorce cases often involve the division of assets, property, and issues concerning child custody and visitation. As an experienced Salt Lake City contested divorce attorney, I understand the unique challenges and obstacles each client must face. Utah family law requires couples that file for divorce to undergo at least one session of mediation. But if neither party can resolve their disputes, the court will have to make the ultimate decisions. When it comes to contested divorce in Salt Lake City, the legal team at Utah Attorneys can provide representation and legal counsel to address any of the following issues:

Contact a Salt Lake City Contested Divorce Attorney

If you have filed for divorce and are currently involved in several disputes with your spouse, it is important to seek representation from a Salt Lake City contested divorce attorney that can help. To learn more, contact Utah Attorneys schedule a consultation today.


Because contested divorce cases can get complicated, it is important to have a legal advocate in your corner that will always look out for your best interests. In many of these cases, there are no winners. However, each spouse has a lot to lose. The selection of a Salt Lake City contested divorce attorney can often make the difference between getting a favorable settlement or losing much of what you have earned along with the rights to your children.

How a Salt Lake City Contested Divorce Attorney Can Help

A contested divorce does not have to be a bitter battle. Many disputes and disagreements can be resolved peacefully through mediation. As an experienced family law attorney and mediator in Salt Lake City, I can work with you to come up with effective legal solutions to resolve any disputes with your spouse. However, should your case go to trial, I am fully committed to protecting your rights, interests and to ensure the welfare of your children.

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