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In an effort to give clients an option outside of the normal big law firm where their case can be lost or overlooked. Many law firms and attorneys are machines that simply churn out billable hours, and at times, not much else. This is not always the most beneficial set of circumstances for the clients.

At Utah Attorneys, Professional Corporation, we take a more personalized approach to working with our clients. Every case is different and we strive to find the most effective solutions to your legal challenges. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences give us the ability to come up with solutions that other attorneys may not be able to see.


Discover how a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help

Our legal team also takes the time to stress the importance of educating each client on the legal process of their specific case. Clients are then able to make better decisions. During this difficult and stressful time, we understand the challenges and obstacles you face. To learn more on how a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can help, contact the legal professionals at Utah Attorneys and schedule a consultation.

Please remember that no amount of research can substitute the benefits of working with an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

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To contact a professional about how you can maximize your compensation, call our firm at 801-539-9000 or fill out the form.

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Providing Family Law Solutions

Many family law issues can be resolved without going to court.  Utah law requires couples that have filed for divorce to attend at least one mediation session. Over the years, he and the legal team at Utah Attorneys have provided alternative solutions to resolve even the most complicated family law disputes. Unlike other Salt Lake City family law firms, the legal professionals at The Ault Firm, P.C. place an emphasis on preparing for clients after divorce. Because the lives of our clients, their former spouses, and their children will go through changes, we can also provide comprehensive divorce modification services. It is part of our continuous commitment to look after the rights and best interests of the client.

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