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When it comes to divorce settlements, there is no gray area. Once the court makes its ruling, both parties must comply with the conditions of the settlement. But when one party refuses or neglects to pay their child support, alimony, or honor their child custody and visitation arrangements, it is time to seek representation from a family law attorney with a track record of getting results. The legal team at Utah Attorneys utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to ensure your court-order arrangement are honored. We are committed to fighting for your rights and protecting your interests, to ensure you receive the best possible results.

Award-Winning Attorneys

Our expert attorneys are nationally known for their exemplary talent to provide their clients with the legal advice that they deserve; all the while being some of the most decorated lawyers in Utah.

Educating and Protecting the Rights of Clients

From the time of their initial consultation, I will take the time to carefully explain and educate each client about their rights. It is often the first important step to achieving your goals. Once a motion has been filed, the accused spouse must appear in court to explain their actions. As your Salt Lake City enforcement orders attorney I can effectively organize and present evidence on your behalf to make a compelling argument to support your case.

How Can a Salt Lake City Enforcement Orders Attorney Help?

In a perfect world, everybody follows the rules of divorce. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When a former spouse refuses to pay their child supportalimony or completely disregards the terms of their divorce settlement, swift action must be taken. As your Salt Lake City enforcement orders attorney I can utilize a vast arsenal of skills and legal resources to help protect your rights and interests. Here is how I can help.

  • Negotiate with the other party on behalf of the client
  • Pursue legal enforcement of the judge’s orders in court
  • Help file a motion requesting compliance

Contact a Salt Lake City Enforcement Orders Attorney Today

If your former spouse has failed to comply with the court’s divorce settlement, it is time to seek representation and legal counsel from a Salt Lake City enforcement orders attorney. To learn more, contact divorce lawyer Christopher M. Ault at The Ault Firm and schedule a consultation today to discuss your case.


The enforcement of orders can sometimes be a complicated legal procedure. There are specific rules and procedures each enforcement rules attorney must follow. Most people do not understand their rights when it comes to the enforcement of divorce settlements. Far too often, many feel powerless when it comes to dealing with a former spouse that will not honor their divorce commitments.

One of the most common mistakes people make is either waiting too long or failing to take action. As your Salt Lake City enforcement orders attorney, I utilize a proactive approach to help clients achieve the best results. When a spouse fails to pay their spousal or child support, it can place the child’s primary custodian in a very difficult position.

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