Salt Lake City Military Divorce Attorney

Utah Attorneys has long been a firm supporter of the men and women who serve in our armed forces. Over the years, it has been our pleasure to provide family law services to the people who protect our freedoms and their families. Divorce can be challenging for not only civilians, but it also presents obstacles for our military personnel. Although military divorce is not much different from a traditional divorce, there can be logistical challenges. Whether you or your spouse are stationed in Utah or one spouse is stationed out of state or overseas, the legal team at Utah Attorneys can help.


Salt Lake City Military Divorce Process

Although divorce represents the dissolution of a marriage, not all divorces are the same. Military divorces are governed by a series of federal laws, including the Uniform Services Former Spouses Protection Act, the Service members Civil Relief Act and the Survivor Benefit Plan. Each was created to provide services designed to protect the former spouses of members of the armed forces–including active and retired military personnel. As a Salt Lake City military divorce attorney, I can provide legal representation and counsel for the following military divorce issues including:

  • The continuance of military benefits
  • The division of military pension
  • Helping military personnel maintain contact and communication with their children
  • Time-sharing arrangements to accommodate military life
  • The continuation of military benefits after a service member has died

Why You Need a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

Not all divorce attorneys are the same. Some lack the experience, knowledge, and legal resources to accommodate military personnel, their spouses, and their families. Choosing the wrong divorce lawyer can result in limiting the rights to your children along with the division of your assets and property. Our Salt Lake City military divorce attorneys understand the unique challenges involving divorce and military families. He and his staff work diligently to ensure your rights are protected. To learn more, contact Utah Attorneys and schedule a consultation today.


Because military divorce can be different from a traditional divorce, it is important to select a Salt Lake City military divorce attorney that can properly advise and utilize the legal resources needed to protect the rights and interests of each client. Whether you or your spouse has served in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, the team of legal professionals at utilizes a personable and comprehensive approach to help place the client in the best position to succeed.

Although there are some fundamental differences between military and traditional divorce in Salt Lake City, many of these couples face the same issues, including the division of assets and property, alimonychild supportchild custody, and visitation. From the time a client visits our law office for a consultation and all the way through trial, my team and I will always be in your corner.

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