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Divorce brings many unfortunate consequences. Among its biggest victims are the children. The end of a marriage can be devastating for everyone involved. It can tear families apart and leave children caught in the middle. But if you are involved in an unhappy marriage with little future, divorce is sometimes the best option.  As a father of three kids, I understand the effects divorce can have on families. But I also understand the concerns of parents when it comes to protecting their children. That is why my legal team at Utah Attorneys is committed to helping clients find the best legal solutions to protect their best interests and the welfare of their children.

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Looking Out for the Best Interests of Your Children

Filing for divorce is an important and difficult decision. It not only affects your future, it also affects the future of your ex-spouse and children. As an experienced Salt Lake City children & divorce attorney, my priority is to look after the best interests of each client and to make sure their children are placed in the best position for a bright future. When it comes to children and divorce in Salt Lake City, there are several different issues that will need to be resolved either through mediation or through the court. They include:

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Divorce can be a difficult process–especially for children. If you are a parent going through divorce in Salt Lake City, it is important to select an attorney with a track record for looking after the best interest of their clients and the welfare of their children. To learn more about how a Salt Lake City children & divorce attorney can help, contact Utah Attorneys to schedule a consultation today.


Under Utah law, the court will decide on these issues based on what is in the best interest of the child. Because divorce can split a family, it is important for parents to make good decisions regarding their children. As a person who has gone through divorce with children, that I am very passionate about this subject. Be very careful of what you say to your children. Set a good example and do not say anything negative about your former spouse in front of your kids. Remember, that person is also your child’s parent. It is also highly recommended for children of divorce in Salt Lake City to undergo counseling. They will be forced to go through changes that will take time to adjust.

How a Salt Lake City Children & Divorce Attorney Can Help

Being a parent is a tough job. It can become even more challenging during and after a divorce. There is no manual for raising a child. The same goes for divorced mothers and fathers who must now take on the role of a single parent. As someone who has been in their position, I place an emphasis on preparing each client for life after divorce. From the time each client schedules an initial consultation and all the way through trial, they can always count on me to be in their corner. It is part of my commitment to help place them in the best position to succeed.

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