Regardless of whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, you will find yourself in at least one mediation session. Mediation is about finding solutions and common ground. Mediation gives couples a unique opportunity to listen to their partner and gain perspective from their spouse’s unique point of view. Mediation can help couples effectively communicate with one another and provides an independent third party to oversee the gathering and provide insight and new solutions to an otherwise struggling marriage.


To make the most of your mediation sessions, read the following four helpful tips.


Set Your Goals

Before your mediation session, take some time to decide what is important to you (not just what you do or do not want your spouse to have). Make a list of what you cannot live without and what you can. Determine your bottom-line goals — what you refuse to walk away without. Think about child custody (if you share kids), assets, and financial decisions. You will be most successful if you keep each of these decisions separate from each other — try to avoid letting one influence your stance on another.


Be Ready to Compromise

Many couples come into mediation to win. If there is even an ounce of hatred, individuals may want to use mediation to “get even” and leave the other party with nothing. In reality, there is no “winning” when it comes to mediation, except when couples are willing to give and take. If you want to have a more successful mediation, you need to be prepared to compromise.


Research Your Mediator

Before you hire a mediator, make sure you take the time to do your research. Not all mediators are skilled at mediation like you might think. Find a divorce mediator with a successful track record and years of experience. As you are finding a mediator, feel free to ask questions like:



Be Rational, Not Emotional

Of course, it is easy to get emotional during the divorce process — you are a human! However, it is best to work through mediation when you put your emotions aside and work towards being rational and practical. When divorcing individuals let their emotions get the best of themselves, they often find themselves in litigation.

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