In a typical divorce, each party will not agree on every issue. Mediation can help both parties resolve any degree of divorce-related issues. Mediation is an informal process where a neutral third-party, known as a mediator, helps facilitate individuals to reach an agreement. Divorce mediation is beneficial because it helps individuals reach an agreement without having to go to court.

Mediation is appealing to many divorcing couples because it is known for being effective. More than 90% of mediations result in long-term resolutions between both parties.  This is because mediators are trained professionals. A successful mediator will facilitate effectively by showing empathy and being impartial to all issues. The mediator is not allowed to impose their own decisions that are not agreed upon by the disputing parties. In a divorce trial, the judge has the ultimate power to make decisions when necessary.

Less Stress
Mediation can help relieve stress. The process is less expensive and usually proceeds much faster than a divorce trial. On average, a case will take around 2 months to complete and costs between $5,000 and $10,000. A mediator’s hourly rate is typically much less than that of an attorney. If you and your spouse want to avoid a court hearing and a costly, lengthy trial, you may benefit from divorce mediation.

Take Control
Mediation can help you feel in control of your divorce. In mediation, you and your spouse control the process instead of lawyers and judges. You control how issues get addressed. Each party is directly involved in negotiating issues and no settlement can be imposed upon you.  Your agreement will be personally tailored to your wants and needs.

Completely Confidential
Mediation is confidential. Unlike the potential publicity of court proceedings, everything said during mediation is kept completely confidential. Meetings are held in a private office instead of a public courtroom.  Parties can feel free to speak openly without their conversations becoming disclosed in court.

Preserve Relationships
Mediation can help to preserve relationships. Mediation focuses on effectively communicating instead of attacking each other.  While divorce is known for being a messy experience, mediation can help to keep the process civil. If a future working relationship is important, a negotiated settlement achieved through thoughtful communication may be the best resolution possible.

Many divorcing couples look to mediation as the best way to settle their divorce. If you are looking to save money and time, maintain control of important issues, and utilize effective communication with your spouse, mediation will be very helpful to you.