Parents who only have one child have a special responsibility that parents with multiple children may not experience. An only child solely relies on their parents because they don’t have siblings to lean on, and if mom and dad split, they may feel like they have no one in which to turn.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the hardships an only child faces when their parents’ divorce.

The Difficulties an Only Child Faces

Divorce is tough for all children, even if they have siblings; however, an only child faces unique challenges. Growing up as an only child can feel special because they’re used to mom and dad, giving them undivided attention. When parents separate, a single child may feel responsible for the separation. 

Learn more about how you can help your little one cope with divorce.

Sit Down With Your Child Together

You and your spouse should sit with your child and talk about the changes that are about to happen. It may not be an easy conversation, but the least both of you can do is comfort your child and allow them to ask questions. 

If you and your spouse individually break the news to your child, they will go through the pain twice. Having this dialogue as a family is a positive first step in the right direction. 

Be careful about how much information you and your spouse share. Your child’s age plays a role in how much you decide to tell them. If they’re a toddler, it’s best to say mom and dad are going separate ways. On the other hand, if your child is older and mature, you can both open up more. 

Most importantly, you and your spouse need to remain composed. Avoid arguing in front of your child.

Let Your Child Spend Extra Time With Friends

Your child will need a support system moving forward. Most children are fortunate to have siblings to rely on, but your child may find kinship in their best friends. Allow them to invite their friends over as much as they want and offer them rides to their friends’ houses. 

Inform your child’s teachers about your divorce. Ask them to pay extra attention to your child during class time and recess. Children who are in distress tend to act up, and it’s essential to make sure they don’t isolate themselves from their peers. 

Additionally, you can enroll them in an afterschool program to keep them busy; this will help them meet new like-minded friends and teach them new skills.

Reinforce Your Bond With Your Child

Spend as much time as possible with your kid. Do the following with them:

Even if you’re not on good terms with your spouse, remind your child that both mom and dad will always love and care for them.

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