Getting out of a relationship will change the course of your life, especially if it was a long-term relationship or marriage. It’s going to be difficult partaking in the events and hobbies that interest you, and you’re going to experience a shift in your routine. Being single will hurt at first, but after you’ve given yourself time to heal and move forward, you’ll begin to appreciate life’s beauty again. Each person handles break-ups differently, but the following steps should be helpful to you. The process will feel overwhelming in the beginning, but with the support of your loved ones and taking strides to improve your emotional wellbeing, you’ll be alright again in no time. 

Depend on You and Only You

You might feel like there’s no one else to turn to as if you’ve exhausted all of your friends with talk about your relationship ending. Real friends will always be there to listen to you and help you, but the best you can do is to learn to depend on yourself. Going to your loved ones for advice and kind words is normal, but don’t become codependent on anyone else. It’s time for you to practice self-care and become a better version of yourself. 

You Don’t Have to Change Completely

While change is an inevitable part of growth, you don’t have to start your life from scratch. Making a few changes to your routine and trying out new things is great for your mental health during this time, but don’t go overboard. You might feel like you have to cut off everyone from your life, especially friends that you and your former partner share in common. However, it’s important to remember that those people are also your friends. There’s no need to get rid of all your old belongings or change your favorite breakfast spot. Go through with changes that will benefit your mental and physical health, but don’t feel like you must let go of everything you know to bounce back on your feet. 

Pick Up New Healthy Habits

Although you don’t have to hit the reset button on your life, it doesn’t hurt to swap out any old habits from your past to new ones that will bring you long-term joy. The end of a relationship is the perfect time to start rediscovering yourself and your interests. Usually, the end of a relationship means that people are left with more time on their hands. Effectively use this newfound time to fill in your schedule with meaningful and productive work. 

Think of any positive habits you wanted to pick up months or even years ago—now’s the ideal time to revisit these desires and transform them into goals. Don’t just focus on developing better eating habits and working out, take the plunge and move toward bigger-scale goals. Significant life changes are a great time to inject some new energy into your studies, career, platonic relationships, and the general trajectory of your life. 

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