When couples are considering a divorce they tend to think about all the issues that will come up during the divorce. If you are divorcing and have children, you will more than likely have to deal with issues such as child support or planning visitation rights. Utah’s divorce statutes require people to consult a mediator before they take anything to court. The reason for this is to give couples the chance to talk things out with each other. A mediator helps facilitate discussion and allows the couple to come up with a solution to problems on their terms and in their own way. The Ault Firm provides the option for mediation amongst other roles. We understand that divorce is not a one and done shopping experience. Divorce takes time, patience, and careful planning to ensure that all the components of your divorce are aligned with what you and your ex truly desire.

What most people don’t consider is life after divorce. As you may guess, once your divorce is complete you will experience a flood of emotion. Those who most recent divorce, depending on the situation, feel a sense of relief. Others, though, go through an emotional roller coaster from anger to resentment to happy and forgiving. A divorce is a life-changing event and therefore it must be taken care of as such. Our Modification Attorney at the Ault Law Firm in Salt Lake City is here to address your ever-changing family plans.

We, at the Ault Firm, know that families don’t stop being families after divorce. Instead, you have a changed family; a family that requires just as much attention as it did prior to the divorce. Modification Attorneys help families who evolve with time.

For example, if you divorced with your partner and had small children between ages of 5-8, your child support and visitation plan may not be sufficient when the children turn 10 or 12. Maybe you are moving away for a job and your allotted vacation time fluctuates and does not fit the visitation rights you and your ex planned several years prior. What if your ex-spouse bounces back from the divorce with a stellar new job and is making great money. Do they still need your spousal support? Our Modification Attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout these evolving times. Our attorneys and staff at the Ault Law Firm aren’t just here for your divorce. We want to stay with you and follow up with your family. We want to ensure that wherever you go or whatever you need in relation to your family, that we are here to help you feel protected and supported.

If you are already divorced and looking for a Modification Attorney to help you with your evolving family do not hesitate to reach out. We know first hand the complicated natures of family and are ready to stick by your side. Call 801-539-9000 or click here to start a conversation with us today.