In today’s modern world, couples are having a hard time to stay together. But why is that? All marriages face challenges and also the nature of marriage has changed. Unfortunately, over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Even couples who stay married, report unhappiness in their relationship. Some studies blame it on the ease with which couples can untie the knot and the decline in respect for the institution. It is very difficult to remain hopeful your union will last forever after so many have failed. Whatever your circumstances are, if you have tried everything to repair your relationship, perhaps it is time to speak to a Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

When marriages are built on the wrong foundation

Relationships should not be built on feelings but rather on commitment. Feelings come and go but commitment stays. Couples are quick to quit on their relationship the moment feelings change. Some couples choose to stay together even when they don’t feel like it. Sometimes feelings follow actions. However, there are times when relationships can’t be repaired and it is okay to go separate ways if that’s the best for both of you.

Kids become the priority

Some couples make the happiness of their kids their top priority. Although the well-being of your kids is very important, your relationship with your spouse should not be affected by it. Couples who spend all their time with the kids, tend to harm their marriage. Children that grow in a loving home and committed marriage will grow into healthier adults.

Struggling financially

With the rising costs of living, many couples tend to struggle financially. There are just too many bills: rent, student loans, utilities, and so on. If you don’t have a budget you will struggle. Also, it is very difficult finding a suitable job that will help you pay all these bills and live comfortably. So what do you do? Many couples argue about their finances. Although this is natural, it is not good when it happens too often. Not having the means to get through can interfere in your relationship.

The problem with social media

People make everything they do public these days. It is very tempting posting things that are too personal, which can make your spouse jealous. Marriage should be respected. Divorced or not, you should respect the person you are with. Unfortunately, the world we are living in tells a different story. This is why many marriages end up in a divorce court.

No physical connection

With the availability of technology, we have removed the human touch from our relationships because we are too busy scrolling through Facebook. If you want to know the secret of couples that have stayed together for decades, you need to put your phone down and listen to your spouse. It is time you listen to the person you love and speak from the heart. If you and your partner can’t agree any longer, you should contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney.