Any time you have to seek legal counsel it is concerning. Attorneys are incredibly helpful professionals, but they typically are problem solvers, which means that if you meeting with one then you have a problem of some proportion. When one thinks of hiring lawyer we automatically go to dramatic scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. In this critically acclaimed film, Cruise is an attorney who pressures Nicholson’s character to confess to giving dangerous orders and doctoring documents to cover up the death of a soldier. The scene between the two characters represents what we think lawyers do which is yelling in court and pressuring people to speak. What the film does get right is that lawyers, good ones, can get the truth to speak for itself eventually. But what if there really isn’t any right or wrong? What if the situation is messy? What if the situation doesn’t have a right or wrong answer, it just needs answers?

Divorce is a situation where there is no right or wrong answers. There are not clear cut answers to how to divide money and assets after being married for so many years. Divorce isn’t something imagined. Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes two people find themselves on very different paths and now they are left to the hard part of dividing up what they have. It is subjective and can feel at times completely overwhelming. Our Mediation Attorneys at The Ault Firm, a Professional Corporation, in Salt Lake City understand the emotional stress that goes with choosing divorce. We know the emotional challenge it is to break up with someone so intimate and we also understand the serious financial undertaking it is to follow through with such an emotional decision.

The state of Utah strongly suggests that those going through divorce enter some kind of mediation. Our Salt Lake City Mediation Attorneys completely agree because we know the benefits outweigh the negatives. Here are few things that helpful to know about choosing mediation:

  1. Mediators help both parties come to a decision that they build together
  2. Each person splits the cost of the mediation unless discussed before hand. The split cost is a financial commitment to seeking a resolution during the discussion
  3. Mediators are not a judge. We do not make verdicts or decisions. Instead we help the parties come up with their own decisions.
  4. Mediation is completely confidential. The discussion shared does not leave the room and the mediator does not share with other people.
  5. Mediation is an opportunity to discuss details of your divorce in a structured and focused way.

Our Mediation Attorneys at The Ault Firm, a Professional Corporation in Salt Lake City are committed to helping you and your spouse navigate these conversations as amicably as possible. We are committed to helping you find solutions. Call us at 801-539-9000 or click here to start a conversation today.