Slip and Fall

Most of us have tripped and fallen while walking. In most cases, these things happen for many reasons, such as: 

  • Not paying attention at surroundings;
  • Carrying heavy objects;
  • Couldn’t see;
  • or Distracted by your phone.

These slips and falls usually result in minor injuries like bruises and scrapes. However, Slip and Fall cases deal with fully aware victims usually put in unsafe walking conditions by a responsible party at fault. These types of cases lead to more severe injuries that many sustain long-term. About 15,000 people over the age of 65 suffer fatalities from a fall each year in Utah.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Car accidents and motorcycle accidents are prevalent personal injury claims in Utah. The most common of these is failure to yield, following too closely, left-hand turns at intersections, speeding, and DUI. Injuries sustained by these accidents can range from whiplash to broken bones and severe lacerations.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBIs (Traumatic brain injuries) are often coupled with accidents like slip and fall, motor vehicle, and sport injury cases. Victims who suffer from a TBI have sustained a severe impact on their head that has caused permanent and severe brain damage. TBIs can cripple people, causing them to lose employment and quality of life.  

Bicycle Injuries

Riding a bicycle is a common past-time throughout Utah. If it’s a sunny day, you bet you can spot bicyclists on the road on your commute back home. However, people do not realize that bicycles can become quite deadly to bicyclists and other pedestrians. Bicycle injury victims can sustain injuries from collisions with terrain, pedestrians, vehicles, animals, and more. These injuries can be severe and, in some cases, fatal. 

Dog Bites

We’ve all passed through our neighborhood and encountered a protective dog barking through a fence. You’re never truly confident if you’re safe, and the truth is that you may not be. Victims of dog bites encounter these dangerous dogs and get bitten, potentially exposed to infections and diseases. Unfortunately, when bitten by a dog, the dog’s owner is responsible for the damages and medical bills you’ve accrued, not to mention the overall trauma. Will you ever feel safe strolling through your neighborhood again?

Have you sustained any of these injuries? Our attorneys know how devastating some of these accidents can be to your quality of life. It’s essential that you at least get compensation for all you’ve gone through. Call our expert personal injury attorneys to get the best representation in the state. It would help if you have someone in your corner during these trying times, fighting for you while you focus on recovery.