If you’ve considered filing for divorce lately, you’re probably stuck thinking about whether you should go through with it or not. Experiencing negative thoughts is healthy from time to time, but sometimes it’s necessary to evaluate your marriage from all angles. How do you know if your marriage is worth fighting for? The answer to this question solely depends on you and shouldn’t let external forces dictate your next move. 

Don’t rush the process of self-reflection because the only way you can decide your marriage’s future is by being introspective. Here are a few signs to help you determine if it’s time to end your marriage. 


1. You No Longer See a Future with Your Spouse

Think about where you want to be in the next five years. Perhaps you envision yourself moving up in your career, or you picture yourself moving across the country. Is your spouse in any of your visions for the future? If the answer is no, then you might have a subconscious belief that your spouse doesn’t belong in your life. End the marriage before you change the trajectory of your life for someone who you don’t honestly want to be with. 


2. You Harbor Resentment Toward Your Spouse

Every problem married couples face can be traced back to resentment. Adultery, becoming emotionally distant, constant bickering, and lack of empathy toward your spouse stems from resentment. At some point in most marriages, one spouse will grow resentful of the other spouse; this is based on the belief that love and hate are practically the same things. Don’t believe this is true? Half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. 


3.   You Don’t Care Anymore

If you experience apathy when your spouse does something that would typically anger you, it might mean you don’t care about your marriage anymore. Some people can’t wait for their spouse to make a mistake so they can hold it against their spouse and claim it’s the final straw. At this point in your marriage, you’ve mentally and emotionally zoned out. A marriage can’t function properly if both people don’t put in the effort. Either seek marriage counseling or go through with the divorce. 


4. You No Longer Crave Affection

Being physically distant is just as bad as feeling emotionally and mentally distant. Does your spouse’s touch make your skin crawl? If you experience bad goosebumps when your spouse caresses you, then you should investigate why you no longer crave your spouse’s embrace. In a loving, healthy marriage, both spouses should be eager to share physical intimacy. A lack of physical intimacy isn’t enough of a reason to file for divorce; however, when paired with other hallmarks of a toxic marriage, a low desire for your spouse’s touch is a red flag. 

There’s no harm in trying to work through your marriage’s woes one last time. However, if it turns out the marriage isn’t meant to be, then you should proceed with a divorce. Contact The Ault Firm today to work with an experienced divorce attorney.