Statistics show that divorce rates have gone down for the general population over the last few decades, but unfortunately, divorces for Baby Boomers and other adults over 50 have doubled in that same time. Divorce is a heart-wrenching and difficult process for couples of any age, but those over 50 break up for unique reasons. If you’re over halfway to retirement, but fear that a divorce is imminent, a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can guide you through this challenging time of life.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Despite popular thought, divorce isn’t solely a young persons’ domain. While younger couples tend to be less serious and more impetuous, there are many reasons why older couples may divorce as well. For example, once the kids grow up and move out, some couples find that they don’t have anything in common anymore. Other couples have only stayed together for the sake of the children, so when the kids leave the nest, the parents feel free to split.


Another changing dynamic in a couple’s life together is retirement. Once the spouses are spending every minute together, they may find that their marriage crumbles under the newfound weight. Other couples split up because they have a difference in interests or needs, such as one spouse wanting to remain active while the other wants to stay home.

Lack of Fulfillment

Many couples over 50 divorce because they no longer feel fulfilled. They may re-evaluate their marriage once they realize that life is shorter than it once was and determine that it’s not bringing them the satisfaction they want for the rest of their life. Social media may also be blamed in some cases where people who fantasize about the one who got away look them up online and rekindle a relationship.

Financial Independence

Some couples who divorce after 50 simply waited until they were financially stable enough to live on their own. This is especially common in women, although the percentage of women over 40 who are initiating divorce is going up. This might signal an increase in monetary independence. If you fall into this category, it still helps to get the advice of a Salt Lake City divorce attorney before proceeding.

Strain of a Subsequent Marriage

It also stands to reason that many people on their second or third marriage are older couples. Because these marriages are more likely to end in divorce than a first marriage, some of those individuals will be on their second or third divorce.

No matter why your marriage has come to an end, the Ault Firm can help you find your way through to the other side. Divorce, though painful, can be a new beginning for you and your spouse. Call us at 801-539-9000. We offer flat fee divorce representation so you can plan for a better financial future.