When two people unite to become a family, they promise to try their best and work through the highs and lows in order to make this stage in their relationship work. Sometimes these relationships work. Other times, these relationships recognize that there are changes that need to be made to ensure happiness. Divorces are just as emotional and hard as choosing to get married. If you or someone you know is falling on these hard decisions let Christopher M. Ault, and us, at The Ault Law Firm help you through this situation.

The Ault Firm, P.C. was founded by a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney, Christopher M. Ault. His experience with Family Law is motivated by compassion and justice. We know that your case is different. We know that each family has their own special circumstances. The Ault Firm wants to respect your desires and choices. We also want to provide you with the education needed to make hard decisions for you and your family.

What Services Are Under Family Law?

Family Law is an umbrella term that covers a lot of legal territory: divorce, alimony, child custody, paternity, protective orders, and visitation. To your benefit, we specialize in all these areas. When you choose to separate from your loved one, and you have children, then expect to need these services as well.

Let’s Slow Down

If you are here then you are may be actively thinking or preparing to leave your partner. Regardless of how long you have been together, this is a hard, emotional choice. When you begin the separation process in the state of Utah, it is required that you enter at least one mediation session. The purpose of this session is to see if reconciliation can be reached. Even though mediators do not have to be a licensed attorney, our family law attorneys are also experts at mediation. Mediation may not resolve the marriage but it can help keep the divorce out of court. This helps with the emotional stress of separating on both parties. If you choose the Ault Firm to mediate we can continue to take care of the divorce. This will be easier on both parties as we will already be familiar with your case.

If after mediation you and your partner still want a divorce then there are other elements to consider like alimony, property, and children, if applicable. Our family law attorneys can also assist with these elements of divorce.

Divorce With Children

Utah values family and we do too. The state of Utah always seeks to benefit the child first. This means that the court may assess the parent’s competency, ability to keep the child’s welfare at its best, their willingness to work on the relationship with their child, where each parent lives, and whether the child can decide for themselves. We know that each parent is unique. Our responsibility is to closely examine your situation to present to you the best legal choices.

Let Salt Lake City Family Law Attorneys help you through this difficult time at the Ault Law Firm by calling 801-539-9000.