Married couples sometimes have a hard time dealing with conflict in their marriage. For some, taking a break is one of the best approaches to handling conflict. In such cases, a legal separation is advisable as it allows both parties to remain legally married while also taking advantage of some freedoms. Reconciliation is possible after some time apart but worst-case scenario; divorce might be the next step.

Some benefits

So what are the benefits? Couples who don’t wish to get divorced can live separately and deal with important issues such as child support and property division. Couples seeking a permanent separation generally choose a legal separation in order to prepare for the future. Among the common reasons why couples choose to remain married are, legal benefits, religious beliefs, and also a distant hope to reconcile their differences.

Legal separations are similar in some ways to divorce. Marriage assets are divided fairly and both parties will understand their obligations. Of course, couples can agree to such things without a legal separation but it always helps having a professional guiding you every step of the way. This is particularly true for contentious relationships or couples that have significant wealth.

Legal separation versus divorce

This can be a difficult decision for most couples. Whether you choose to divorce or a legal separation, make sure you ask your family law attorney first so that you can make an informed decision. Remember a legal separation will help you think things through and return to a life together if that’s what you wish for. You will not have to get married again because you are already married. Even if you decide to get divorced later on, a legal separation can make the whole divorce process easier for you and your family. A legal separation is a bridge between you and the future. It can work, notwithstanding the circumstances.

Trial separation

Some couples wish to live separate lives but they don’t’ wish to file for divorce. If that’s your case, be reminded that issues related to child custody, property division, and so on, remain the same. Unless you file for a legal separation, you will not be able to reap some of the benefits offered in this category.

Contact a Salt Lake City legal separation attorney

Making a decision to end your relationship, whether through a legal separation or a divorce can be difficult for most people. A skilled Salt Lake City family law attorney can help you clarify the options available and help you make an informed decision.

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