Did you foreshadow the moment your marriage hit dire straits? Many don’t. Human beings are finicky, not exactly wired how many of us envision they should be, but precisely 100% of our planet’s inhabitants are imbued with an undeniable power: choice. Spouses don’t sign up for cheating classes, nor does violence come as an extra toy in cereals; these are choices.

These choices lead to divorce. Often quite contentious, on the mild side. Leaving many innocent spouses with little choice but hiring an expert Salt Lake City divorce attorney to protect interests of children and themselves. Again, this is nothing spouses signed up for, but here they are.

Before chucking your marriage into the bucket, ask yourself these three vital questions:

Has this marriage really ran its course?

Some may believe certain situations merit at least trying to salvage relationships broken by bad choices. Others can’t run to their attorney fast enough. Seriously, sit down and ask yourself whether running away from 15 years of marriage makes financial and parental sense when issues are manageable. Examples could be lack of communication, spouse works all the time, things like that.

When domestic violence comes into play (especially against children), or excessive infidelity has plagued your God-blessed union, getting away isn’t an option – it’s mandatory. Same with other heinous crimes that affect your health, safety and security and those of your children.

Your love deserves second-guessing, albeit briefly. Once self-check is completed, ask yourself:

Will marital assets be difficult to split?

Some assets aren’t divisible, like clothing and personal effects. Everything else accumulated during your marriage is considered ‘fair game’ by law. But before you wrestle your spouse’s model train collection, one should ask themselves if engaging in long-winded disputes over property will be fruitful, or wasteful.

Multiple houses should be easy – give one to each parent. Same with cars and other major purchases. Parent who’ll have children full-time should always benefit, therefore asking to keep food, fridges, beds and things like that isn’t unreasonable. Financial accounts should be split evenly, as should any retirement accounts with equal contributions made toward its growth. Unsure how to divide? Ask your Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

Be fearless in inventorying assets necessary to survive, but approach their division with fairness. Now that you’ve figured this out, remember to ponder:

Should I seek financial support for kids and me?

Alimony and child support should always be requested, especially when you’re splitting from the family’s chief breadwinner. Child custody or visitation does not affect financial obligations, and courts will always look at entire pictures before finalizing orders.

Don’t let spouse intimidate you into not receiving support. Never take someone’s word, especially if there’s irreconcilable differences which have caused anger between both spouses. Financial support is your right, especially for children. Alimony will be given for an equal number of years to your marriage’s tenure.


Marriages aren’t destined for divorce unless choices are made which merit dissolving the union. Once you’ve gotten your fill of tomfoolery, it’s goodbye time.

Many questions come with larger asset divorces, many which an experienced divorce attorney Salt Lake City citizens know and trust can handle for folks like you.