Your divorce is likely draining most of your time, resources, and energy. You feel lonely as if there is no one out there who understands the plight of your problems. However, this could not be further from the truth. Joining a divorce support group during this trying time is in your best interest. A divorce support group is a community of individuals who are also recovering from a divorce. This community of people can serve as a support system during a time where you need validation most. 

Although you have an established group of friends, your friends might not have gone through a divorce themselves. They don’t fully know how to console you, and they cannot relate to the lengthy divorce process. You might also not feel comfortable airing out all the intricate details of your divorce with your closest friends because they know you too well. Your family should always be there for you, but they might be even more judgmental than your friends. Sometimes, you just want to share your hardest problems and secrets with a group of strangers who you have a clean slate with. The relationship to strangers is low stake, so their impression of you matters less than what your family and friends think of you. 

Think of divorce support groups as a form of therapy, and do not stigmatize them. It isn’t fair to think of divorce support groups as something for people who have “real” problems; everyone in these groups is going through a divorce, which is a very real problem. Your emotions are valid. Acknowledging divorce as a problem is the first step to healing, and we are wired to be social. We have an innate desire to be a part of a community. Building a community of like-minded individuals is one of the best choices you will make toward reclaiming your life. Luckily, divorce support groups are easier to access thank you think. 

What Do Divorce Support Groups Do?

A divorce support group will get you through the worst of your divorce, teach you healthy coping mechanisms, guide you through your healing process, and provide you with a list of resources and professional referrals. One of the main goals of divorce support groups is to educate its members about all the ins and outs of divorce. Some support groups invite speakers to hold seminars with the group in hopes of motivating everyone about life after divorce. Most importantly, the main function that divorce support groups serve is to allow people to talk and listen to one another. You won’t have to worry about being judged. Moreover, there are a variety of divorce support groups you can join.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Divorce Support Groups?

If you’re a woman, you can join divorce support groups exclusively for women. If you’re a man, you can join divorce support groups exclusively for men. There are also support groups for both men and women. This is important to consider because men and women have different communication styles. At the same time, you might want the perspective of the opposite gender. If religious support groups sound more appropriate for you, then you should know that there are support groups for every religion. There are Catholic divorce support groups, Jewish support groups, Christian support groups, among several other religiously affiliated groups. 

Another option to consider is online divorce support groups. Perhaps you wish to remain anonymous. Maybe you don’t have the time to attend an in-person support group. Online divorce support groups are now a common option, and you’ll be talking to someone from the other side of the country who will have a different perspective than you. 

You’ll leave your divorce support group with more loving people than you started your journey with. You might be the type of person who thinks they can handle everything on their own, but going through a divorce requires a good company. 

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