There are plenty of people throughout Salt Lake City who take pride in being self reliant. While you may be handy with tools, divorce is not something you want to do alone. Here’s the truth. Unless you are a highly-skilled legal professional, it is extremely important to seek representation from a divorce attorney that can properly protect your rights and look after your best interests. Although there are several websites that allow people file for divorce without any legal representation, it can make the process far more difficult. When your personal assets and the custody of your children are on the line, do not take chances. Here are some reasons why you need a Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

Do You Really Save Money?

Many people choose not to hire an attorney to save money. But they could be placing themselves at risk for a divorce settlement that may cost them far more than any of their legal fees. Websites. Including Craigslist, now offer divorce paperwork preparation. However, there are some legal ramifications most people don’t know about. There are laws currently in place which prohibit non lawyers from providing legal advice. When it comes time for the court to decide on a settlement, many people find themselves in a world of pain.

Expertise in Family Law is a Must

Because most people do not have a firm grasp of family law in Utah, they may not know which points to argue. Also, a major portion of the divorce process is filling out paperwork. It is important to know which documents are required and when they need to be filed. Even small details, including courtroom etiquette, can have a major influence on the outcome of your case. Even if your divorce does not go to trial, a skilled divorce attorney understands most of the litigation process happens outside the courtroom.

How Judges View Self Representation

According to a survey conducted by the ABA Coalition for Justice, many judges see self-represented litigants as a burden and do a poor job of presenting their case. The results are typically unfavorable. One of the biggest issues is the overuse of court resources to accommodate litigants who choose to represent themselves.

Uncontested Divorce

Most people who choose to represent themselves typically involve cases of uncontested divorce. It usually happens after a short marriage where both parties do not share a child and just want to go on with their lives. But most divorces are far more complicated–especially when children are involved. Issues, such as child custody, visitation, child support and alimony can become extremely complicated. It is best to have an experienced legal professional on your side to ensure the best results.

A Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help

When it comes to divorce, it is important to have a legal advocate who can properly look after the best interests of clients and their children. Over the years, Salt Lake City divorce attorney Christopher M. Ault has successfully provided legal guidance and representation for men and women struggling with divorce and other complicated family law issues. He and his legal staff work diligently in the courtroom and behind the scenes to ensure each client is placed in the best position to succeed. Do not take chances with the quality of your representation. Contact the legal team at The Ault Firm and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.