Each year laws change to move towards inclusion but as laws catch up, stereotypes and discrimination don’t always follow the lead. The only way to get the upperhand during the adoption process is to hire a Salt Lake City adoption attorney. They know every new adoption law and can avoid any types of discrimination being present during the proceedings. Their job is to ensure that the adoption decision is based on the qualifications set by the agency and not based on sexual orientation or any other discriminatory factor. Many states continue to adapt to the times and move forward with making same sex adoptions more accessible.

Same Sex Parents

Previously many families with same sex parents were formed by parents who had biological children in a prior relationship. Other family households contain a single parent adoptions where sexual orientation was not disclosed.it is estimated that 10 million children are in same sex households. In 2015, 3.8 percent of the population in the U.S identified as LGBTQ and the number continues to rise as it becomes more acceptable and laws continue to change.Having same sex parents does not affect the emotional, physical or behavioral development or the child. Children are influenced by the household environment and structure not the gender of their parents.

Same Sex Adoptions

In 2016, adoption for same sex couples became legal in all states through a supreme court decision. Just because it becomes legal does not mean it is easy to adopt or foster a child. Sadly, social workers will still have reservations about adopting to same sex couples. The social worker has the best interest of the child in mind and will wonder whether the child will be treated different and have all their needs met if placed in a same sex household. Their concern is how the child will be raised in a “non-traditional” household structure. What they fail to realize is that many households fall under the non-traditional spectrum. There are many families that include only one parent or a blended family. Research has been conducted over and over that shows children from same sex couples have the same success and opportunity as those from heterosexual couples. So by being apprehensive about the adoption they are ultimately harming the chances of the child. Finding adoptive parents is difficult and by denying qualified couples the opportunity to adopt, the child may stay waiting for adoptive parents for quite some time.

How a Salt Lake City Attorney can Help

Knowing your rights and opportunities can be difficult especially when making a life changing decision like adopting. A Salt Lake City adoption lawyer is equipped with the tools to help you through the adoption process and protect your adoptive rights as future parents. There are also support groups and resources available for same sex parents as well as any new parent. At the end of the day, children need love and understanding. AULT Firm can prove to the courts that regardless of your sexual orientation you are a good fit for adoption.