There are many kids out there waiting for a family to provide them with a home and the love and care every child deserves. In their eyes you can see the yearning to belong somewhere. Perhaps you are one of those people who has reached a certain age and haven’t been able to have biological children. There is good news for you! Some countries are in desperate need of someone like you to adopt a child. Unfortunately, international adoption has declined 50% since the early 2000s. Countries such as China, Ethiopia, and Ukraine are still among the top countries for international adoption.


China is one of the most popular countries for adoption. Why is that? There are many children ages 2-13 without a family in this part of the world. Most children available for adoption are under 5 years of age. Families can specify the gender when they apply for adoption as 50% of the children are boys and 50% are girls. Most children adopted from China have special needs. The process for adopting these children is about 12-18 months long. In general, you will have to wait about 12 years for the child to finalle arrive home!


This became a very popular country for adoption as the percentage of orphan children is higher than in Europe and U.S. About 80% of these children have parents but they are unable to take care of their kids. It’s important to notice that the cost of adoption in Russia is almost double the cost of adoption in China. Adopting a child in China can cost you up to 23k while adopting a child in Russia is about 50K. Due to the 4-year-old ban prohibiting Americans the adoption of Russian children, it’s not possible to adopt them at the moment. However, keep your hopes up! There is a good chance the ban will be lifted soon and U.S. parents can adopt Russian orphans once again.


It seems the adoption process in Ethiopia is one of the fastest ones. Celebrities Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have helped publicized the need for adopting children in this impoverished area of the world. Children have diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and problems with malnutrition. Sadly, about 4 million children in Ethiopia don’t have parents. Ethiopian adoption agencies have had some scandals lately. Poor families have their children taken away from them and promised they will get them back but that’s not happening. This is unfair as these parents should be told the truth.

Why hire an adoption attorney?

Adoption can be very rewarding, especially for couples who haven’t been able to conceive. If you are considering expanding your family, contact a Salt Lake City adoption attorney to speed up the adoption process. We offer personalized and practical advice to clients in our community. Although some adoptions will be more complicated than others, we promise your attorney will be with you during the whole process. We want you to experience the joys of adoption and take off your shoulders all the burdens and legalities involved. Contact us today as schedule your first consultation.